Dining with Doug and Karen (general)

Ben Hoffman joins Doug and Karen on a special episode with meals and treats brought by Doug, Karen and Katie!

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Chef Leslie Nesbitt creates some delicious dishes for Doug, Karen and special guest Greg Otto!

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Doug and Karen come to you live from LA Podfest! With guest Jackie Kashian and chefs Elyse Lain and Nguyen Tran from Starry Kitchen!

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Comedian Geoff Tate enjoys some tacos with Doug and Karen courtesy of the California Taco Bear Truck!

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Sean O'Connor joins Doug and Karen for some delicious, authentic Vietnamese cuisine from Nong La Cafe!

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Jeff Miller and Zach Brooks from Food is the New Rock join Doug to enjoy some freshly prepared dishes from Jon Shook, of Son of a Gun and Animal!

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Doug and comedian guests Louis Katz and Shane Mauss enjoy some wonderful food from Auntie Em's Kitchen's Terri and Adrian!

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Doug is back at Cinefamily for a potluck before the Oscars. Steve Agee, Dan Van Kirk, Chris Cubas and Joe Wagner join!

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Doug is sick, but Gabe fills in to try some food at a Cinefamily potluck!

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The Ragin' Cajun food truck makes some delicious food for Doug, Karen and guest Riki Lindhome!

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