Dining with Doug and Karen (general)

Chef Dave Salazar is back! He serves some amazing dishes to Doug, Karen and special guest Jay Larson on the back patio at Cinefamily!

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Doug and Karen are back at the Cinefamily patio! This time Jonah Ray joins them for some delicious foods from the guests before they watch Doug interrupt the Golden Globes!

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Kurt Braunohler joins Doug and Karen for some delicious food and beer from chef Mike Garber from Haven Gastropub in Pasadena!

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Chef Dave Salazar returns with some surprises and taste tests for Doug, Karen and special guest Paul Scheer!

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Karen was sick, so it's just Dining with Doug and special guests Brendon Walsh, Greg Proops and Graham Elwood in this trippy episode! Gary and Simon of Dessert Lab: The Sweet Science give the guys miracle berries and then a variety foods to see how strange and different they taste!

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Hot dog aficionado Zach Galifiankis joins Doug and Karen for some delicious dogs courtesy of Dogtown Dog truck!

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It's another Dining with Doug and Karen live! Dave Anthony guests as they all (and the audience) enjoy some breakfast from Becky Reams, Dave Salazar and Andy Windak!

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It's Dining with Doug and Karen LIVE from The Firebird in St. Louis with special guest Geoff Tate and some delicious street food from the Guerrilla Street food truck!

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It's another Dining with Doug and Karen from Cinefamily! Tom Lennon and James Adomian join Doug and Karen to try an array of desserts from the potluck!

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It's another episode of Dining with Doug and Karen from Cinefamily! JUNK Restaurant made some deliciously unhealthy treats for Doug, Karen and special guests!

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