Dining with Doug and Karen

Dan Van Kirk and Pardcastathon winner Brian Rucker join Doug and Karen for a holiday themed meal from Andy Windak!

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Matt Besser joins Doug and Karen for some delicious food and sodas from the Carb&Nation truck!

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Chefs Francisco Guzman and David Olvera makes some delicious and interesting meals for Doug, Karen and special guest Megan Neuringer!

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It's just Doug and Karen in this episode with guest chef Manouschka Guerrier and her delicious Haitian food!

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Chef Elyse Lain returns with some delicious food that Doug and Karen thoroughly enjoy. Guest Wayne Federman learns that he is a lot pickier than he thought...

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Chef and world traveler Judith Jones makes some international food for Doug, Karen and comedian guest Jackie Kashian!

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Tyler Labine (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil, Deadbeat) hangs out with Doug and Karen and enjoy a non-traditional breakfast from chef Elyse Lain!

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The Belly bombZ truck serves delicious Asian fusion wings to Doug, Karen and special guest Greg Behrendt!

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It's Dining with Doug and Karen from the back patio at Cinefamily before the Oscars! Geoff Tate, Rory Scovel and special guest Mark Wahlberg (played by Dan Van Kirk) join to eat some delicious food made by the members of Cinefamily!

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Chef Dave Salazar is back! He serves some amazing dishes to Doug, Karen and special guest Jay Larson on the back patio at Cinefamily!

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